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Message to the Residents of Madison:

March 20, 2020

Dear Residents,

We are all aware that we are in a very challenging and uncertain period of times for the foreseeable future with so much that is still unknown about COVID 19. Every day we are hearing about more and more restrictions in our everyday lifestyles and being with groups of people.  This is opposite of human nature.  However, we need to listen and adhere to what the leaders are telling us to do so that we all may get through this pandemic.

The Town has now closed the playgrounds under the advisement of our Town Heath Director. The virus, if it comes in contact with the materials of the structures could last for hours. The next person to come in contact with those materials could be exposed to the virus.  We must practice social distancing and stay at least 6’ away from one another.  Protect yourself by wearing gloves to touch any fencing or gates, and use hand sanitizer routinely.  

At present our parks are remaining open for use.  However our fields remain closed including Strong Field, to use by large groups as well as organized sporting events.   Other aspects of our parks are open and we encourage you to get out in the fresh air and enjoy them either individually or with your family. 

 Here are some ideas that you can do:

  • Take a hike on one of the many trails we have in Madison – Rockland, Bauer, Surf Club, Salt Meadow, the Greenway Trail at Hammonasset, Madison Land Trust has many more for you to explore.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Take the dog for a walk.
  • Shoot some hoops at Surf Club , outside your house, Academy
  • Collect shells from our beaches and create a display
  • Pick up some rock and paint tem with a message on them and leave at the Bauer Park Well for others to read.
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play in your yards and build a fort
  • Help parents clean up your lawns for the winter
  • Play Tennis or Pickleball at Town Campus 
  • Think of some things the parks have to offer and create a scavenger hunt with your families.

This is just some of the things you can do.  Get creative!!   Remember to wash your hands, don’t get too close to people, get outside for fun or exercise. Be mindful of others.  Together we as a country will all get through this.  Remain positive and diligent and stay well.

Scot Erskine
Director of Recreation

Practice Social Distancing in fresh air

Beach & Recreation Department Statement Regarding Programs

Program registrants will be receiving a full refund for those programs that had not started as of this past Friday evening (3/13).  Those who are currently in programs that have been running yet not completed will be receiving a pro-rated refund in the mail. Pro-rated refunds for Before/After School will be issued based on the last 3 weeks of March.  As you can imagine this will take us some time so please be patient. 

April Vacation Camps have been cancelled and those already registered will be issued refunds which you will receive by mail.

Boat Rack and Garden Plot renewals may be done through the mail as they have in the past.

Per the Office of the First Selectwoman, Playgrounds are closed at the present time.  Please do not let your child(ren) play on them.   We apologize for any in convenience  this may present but it is closed in the interest of public safety. 


Effective March 13, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. and through March 31, 2020:

  1. The following Town Facilities will be closed to the public and all Town sponsored events, activities and meetings using these facilities have been cancelled:
    • Town Gym
    • Surf Club Building
    • Memorial Town Hall
    • The Arts Barn
    • Bauer Classroom
  2. All Town athletic fields are closed to all organized sports activities until March 31st. Further guidance will be provided as the situation evolves.

  3. The Board of Education has announced the closure of the Madison Public Schools starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. All Town sponsored Before & After School programs are therefore suspended. Determinations for vacation activities and vacation camps will be forthcoming.

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Beach & Recreation Mission Statement

  • Strive to employ and retain an outstanding workforce of professionals and trained volunteers and obtain cooperative utilization of community resources.
  • Provide leadership and vision by monitoring trends, evaluating services, and designing for the future.
  • Improve the community by providing equal accessibility to all citizens, bringing people together, and building positive relationships among a diverse population.
  • Create an environment that develops the mind and body by combining recreational, natural, and cultural resource principles while instilling values and responsibilities promoting good citizenship and leadership skills.
  • Ensure a safe and well-maintained leisure service delivery system that will improve and enrich the community through diverse programs and services within available resources.

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