Strategic Plan

Town of Madison Strategic Plan - Charting a Course for Madison's Future

We are very excited to share with you some information about our upcoming strategic plan process! Your voice is a very important part of this process, and your unique perspective and feedback will help shape the future of the Town of Madison. We are collaborating with SBrand Solutions as our consultant for this process, and we welcome your ideas.

What are we working on? 

We are creating a comprehensive, long term strategic plan to guide the future of the Town of Madison. The Strategic Plan will include a community Vision, the Mission of the Town, Strategic Priorities and Key Goals that will set the direction for our work in coming years and align the Town in purpose and work. There will also be a specific Implementation Plan to accomplish the Key Goals of the plan. 

View videos of recorded meetings and sessions.




Open a PDF file of the timeline.

We will be gathering information from the community over the coming months and will have a final Strategic Plan for adoption in early October. Please see the timeline for more information.

strategic plan timeline

We have several opportunities for you to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback for the future!

First, please attend our Community Visioning Session on Tuesday, June 6th.  We will be at the Senior Center (29 Bradley Road) starting at 6:00 pm. There will be pizza and beverages and this will be a fun, highly participatory, and engaging session!  

Second, please take the Strategic Plan survey – it will be open until June 15.  If you prefer, we have a printed survey postcard that you can also fill out and return to us.  It’s a short, 10-minute survey so you can tell us what you think.

Third, keep your eye out for our sticky notes around the community – if you see the opportunity to fill out a sticky note, please do!  They are a great way to get our youth involved in the future of our community as well, so please encourage them to participate.

Here are the major process steps with a short description:

  • Phase 1: Logistics This phase is all about planning, logistics, and process improvements over the course of the project.
  • Phase 2:  Research and Review  Our consultants will be reviewing documents, researching information, and collaborating with our various boards and commissions to build on our history and current work.
  • Phase 3: Engagement and Outreach The outreach and engagement includes the Community Visioning Session, a community survey, a staff survey, specific focus group meetings, one-on-one interviews, presentations, and many other ways to gain feedback and ideas from the full community.
  • Phase 4:  Strategic Plan Framework The framework will be created based on the information from Phase 3.  Several specific meetings will be facilitated to craft the draft and final framework, including a strategic plan retreat, an implementation meeting, another community session about the plan, and several work sessions.
  • Phase 5: Strategic and Implementation Plan Documents These are the actual documents that will tell the story of the Town of Madison from the strategic plan perspective.

Questions? Comments? We are happy to share more details.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact (203) 245-5602